From the Desktop.

Above: On the Analog desktop are wedding invites for two close friends that are about to tie the knot next month. Lomax and I find it’s wonderful designing for friends, especially when they are both creative. This is one of the pen and ink drawings for the front. “Why a tow truck?” you ask. Well they met during a fender bender – isn’t love grand!
Below: On the ol’ Digital desktop is my first attempt at a walk cycle for one of my characters. Over the last few weeks I have been learning some of the ins and outs of Adobe Flash (thank you Mr. Zawora!). This is round #1, I still need to make some corrections to the head shape and expression transisiton, they move a bit too choppy. But I do like the leg, arm and tail movement. Not bad for twelve sketches. After I correct the drawing I plan on inking them for final animation.

2 thoughts on “From the Desktop.

  1. I, umm, love the truck!

    And the animation…I am hypnotized by the tail as it moves in a figure eight.

    Another weird thing… the plus sign on the bottom of the anim’e is fun to watch. It’s the little things. Such a fun post!

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