PCS Hobo Day.

A while back my good buddy and one of the founders of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society, Jeffro Kilpatrick, had an idea. “What if a bunch of us got together and rode the El back and forth with our sketchbooks?” he said with a gleam in his eye like ol’ Saint Nick.  The man is a genius! What turned into the First (dare I say) Annual PCS Hobo Day was nothing short of amazing. About a dozen of us gathered at the Spring Garden stop, rode the rails, had adventures and drew the entire time. The event was topped off by a BBQ at Locust Moon Comics in University City. Old friends made new friends and a new energy was awakened in the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. You can keep up to date on all PCS type stuff on our blog and our Facebook page. After a day like this we are sure to do more outings with sketchbooks in hand and as always – All are Welcome!

Above and below: My sketches from the outing. They were done in brown Micron pen (01) on an old financial ledger.

A special thanks goes out to everyone that participated, Jeffro for the great idea and Locust Moon Comics for being such a gracious host!


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