After my last post on thumbnails I thought it would be fun to continue on the that thread with showing the pencils. I work at my light table to create more finished sketches based on the thumbnails. At this point I will incorporate some reference. I believe that your drawing should dictate the reference not the other way a round. I still keep these drawings pretty loose and animated. In some of my earlier comics a friend mentioned that I needed to improve on my expressions. I fell into the habit of using the same expression over and over. With this project I am really trying to push the facial expressions along with movement and panel layout. Also, I’m  not particularly fond of drawing cars, buildings and backgrounds. So, almost every other strip includes at least one of those items. If there’s no challenge what’s the point? With a comic project like this you have some wiggle room to improve from panel to panel and even strip to strip. You’ll also notice I am mixing it up with four panel comics and full page comics I am really trying to improve on my visual story telling and playing around with different formats.
The next stop is my favorite, the inking. They start to feel more fleshed out and real when I begin to ink them.

Above a re a few of the tools I use. Since I have found drawing cars from different angles problematic I have a few toy cars on hand. It also breaks up the monotony of the day playing with them using my light table as a ramp.


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