Decked Out.

I was recently commissioned to paint a skate deck based on a previous piece. I love painting skate decks, it is very hands on and tactile and I get to use spray paint! You can see one of my previous decks here. I received some great art direction from the client and gallery and took off running. I never like to repeat myself so I took it as a personal challenge to tweak the design and play around with the palette.

Above is the detail of the finished deck. Viva la Luchador!

First I had to sand down and prime an old deck. I prefer to use a “loved” deck rather than a brand new one. They have so much more personality.

With a few coats of bright orange laid down I start with the first stencil in red spray paint. I am fortunate that my stencils are pretty durable and hold up after multiple uses.

After that I collage in some additional images of Luchadores. I try and capture a little of the layered feel from my sketchbooks. Now it is time for the main stencil of the face. I am not too concerned about it being super clean because I am going to paint back into it. This go round it came out pretty readable with just enough splatter and texture.

Lastly, I paint back into it to pull out the portrait of the wrestler and add some sparkles/bursts to tie the design together.

A big thanks goes to the Nichols Berg Gallery for the wonderful show and the awesome commission! Thanks guys!

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