Monster Monday 05.

“Can You Picture That?”
The images above are from a recent exhibition here in Chestnut Hill, Philly.  They were created by drawing on top of old Polaroid photos with a white-out pen, paint-pens and my trusty Rapidograph. They were a lot of fun to make and I sold all but one, “Pink Stickies”. I am by no means a good photographer (like this lady). The Polaroids I take are often too dark and sometimes out of focus. Combine that with the fact that the film I use is extremely old and it creates “the perfect storm” for images like these. I have plans for creating more of these, I just got a batch of vintage Polaroid film. Yeah Ebay!
The response to the Monster Monday posts has been awesome! A big thanks to everyone that has been checking out the blog and keep those comments coming!


3 thoughts on “Monster Monday 05.

  1. The work looks great!. I would love to try this. How did you make the Polaroid photo come out this way?

  2. Hey Candido! I use two old (vintage) Polaroid instant cameras. I have an old Joycam and an even older One-Step Flash. I have been buying film on Ebay and it is usually expired. I think the fact that the film is past expiration allows me to get those weird colors and effects. Then I just go to town with my Sharpie paint pens.
    Thanks for checking out the bog and a big thanks for the comment.

    • No prob, most of your work is pretty awesome and its always sharp and colorful. I tried to take pictures with a polaroid but the expired film is what gives it that extra 70’s summer color effect. Again nice work hope to see more soon.

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