Monster Monday; Numero Uno.

This week’s Monster Monday is brought to you by:
1. Train rides.
2. Good parties.
3. Even better friends.
4. Oddly enough the music of Gene Ween.
5. And the letter “A”…
(’cause I always loved when they did that on Sesame Street)

“Liberty bell cracked in half
A bacon steak
A perfect match
Freedom of ’76”
– Gene Ween

5 thoughts on “Monster Monday; Numero Uno.

  1. I like how the guy w/ the fez from the previous page is skeptical about the whole scene.

    “Mannequin was filmed at Woolworth’s.
    Boyz 2 Men still keeping up the beat.”

    • Jay, you are truly awesome. I was gonna totally remove the sketch from the previous page but thought it looked kinda kewl so I left it. Thanks for noticing. Also, didn’t post those lyrics ’cause everyone from Philly knows that “Mannequin” wuz filmed at Wanamakers! Thanks for stoppin’ by the blog!

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