Monster Monday!

I like to work in a variety of techniques and mediums but one thing remains; my undying love of Monsters. Get it? Undying, that’s wacky word play! I decided to start a post entitled “Monster Monday!” Each week I’ll pull a freakishly fun image from one of my sketchbooks, the ol’ flat file or wherever else a monster maybe lurking. Keep your eyes (all three of ’em) peeled every Monday for a Monster of the Week!
Thought I would get things started with a personal favorite. This was a promo piece I did for the band Electric Frankenstein. It was so much fun painting Frankenstein’s Monster and his would-be bride. I drew inspiration for the werewolf from the old Saturday morning cartoon “Fangface”. This is an acrylic painting on wood panel.
(Just click on the image to enlarge.)

3 thoughts on “Monster Monday!

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