True Romance.

Update on Out 2 Dry Art Show at Brave New Worlds Comic Shop.

To find a “home for comics” as a cartoonist is a moral imperative. Your local comic shop needs to be a one part “geek sanctuary” and one part local bar. It is of the utmost importance that you be able to discuss the latest music along with the latest ish of “Batman” or “Dr. Who” episode. For me, I plant my geek-flag at Brave New Worlds Comic Shop in Olde City here in Philadelphia. The guys there, Brian and Rob, make everyone feel at home. I have seen them make suggestions to the seasoned collector and the newest recruit. Many of the titles I am reading right now are based on suggestions by this dynamic duo.

At our opening for “Out 2 Dry” I mentioned to the boys how cool I feel being allowed access to “behind the counter”. Truth be told I feel like Christian Slater in “True Romance” (minus the call-girl and pimp dealings of course). If only I had access to the first issue of the “Spectacular Spiderman” to show off to my lady.

But I am truly fortunate, as are many of the members of both the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and the Autumn Society, to have a home for all things comics such as Brave New Worlds. The fact that we get show off and sell our artwork at a venue such as this is just the icing on my R2D2 cake of life. (No really I had an R2D2 cake for my 5th birthday it was amazing!)

Our show will be up for the run of March, with prices that are extremely affordable. So pop in and pick up some really great artwork, by a great group of artists, at a great shop in Philly.

Tell ’em Clarence Worley sent ya!

Above: A blurry cell phone pic of the Out 2 Dryer flier proudly displayed at a local university.
Below: Artwork still remains compliments of Lomax, Barbera and Eckmen-Lawn.

Below: Mr. Heimer, Palko and Durning bring the thunder!

Below: PCS Odd Couple Will Clark and Matt Cavanaugh.

Below: Broseph’s in Arms – Patch and Jeffro.

P.S. Help a brother out: Sam needs to pay the parking ticket he received during the art drop off. You can pick up one of his pieces at BNW Comic Shop. Thanks a bunch PPA!


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