Getting There is Half the Fun.

“The very first time you read my mind I took it as a sign.”
Yet to Come by Jesse Dee

Last night Lomax and I headed out to the World Cafe to see James Hunter perform. Mr. Hunter has a special place in our hearts after seeing him perform on New Year’s Eve back in 2006. He made us feel like we were at the Soph Hop ringing in the new year.

Few folks can make yours truly move his feet, fewer still can make me wanna dance. The combo of his lyrical stylings, sweet 60’s guitar riffs and Lomax’s magical dance moves made for quite a night. But I knew it would be before we walked through the venue doors. Lomax and I took the train into the city; we drew, chit-chatted about our days and just goofed around. The trip back was more of the same. You know a cool destination is one thing, an awesome trip is something special.

If you get a chance you should check out the music of James Hunter and the awesome gentlemen that opened Jesse Dee. I double dog dare you not to dance!

Above: A jam-sketch by “Big Money” Lomax and myself. I drew a part, then she drew a part and so on. Not bad for a shaky, train ride drawin’.

2 thoughts on “Getting There is Half the Fun.

  1. I’ve been meaning to write about this post for nearly a month!
    I love what you wrote… you captured the night perfectly with your words.
    It was such a fun evening and (as always) I adored working on an ‘art jam’ together!
    Looking forward to our next- concert, trip, vacation and art jam! xo

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