Can You Picture That?

Last week I had the opportunity to talk my friend Matt Stewart’s portfolio class. It is part of the University of Arts Continuing Education program. I discussed my work in greeting cards, toy design and comics. Afterwords we chatted about everything from process and the future of Illustration to Esty and photo reference. It was great night! I sometimes take for granted having the good fortune of doing what I love for a living and teaching others about the career I so enjoy. Nights like last Wednesday are why I decided to teach; being in a room full of like-minded creatives exchanging information and discussing our passion. Matt has a really good class of students. I just wanted to extend a great big Thank You to him and his class!

Above: A picture of my desk while working on a comic project. During class I was asked if I use reference. As you can see I use a lot of it. I try to shoot my own photo reference whenever I can. I combine my pics with some gathered from the internet and a few pieces of inspirational reference from my favorite artists.

Below: Two photos I shot of my Grandmother’s old apartment that I used for reference for the last panel of a four page story. I have included the final inks for the page. One of the things we discussed is how you can’t fake the little things. I am particularly proud of including the little “crowns” on top of the fence posts.

8 thoughts on “Can You Picture That?

  1. Your guys should have traded some eyes. Some of them seem to have a deficit while others have a surplus.

    Trees at the home of your grandparents are always oddly magical places. It looks lovely in both the photo and the comic.

  2. Nothing I like better than seeing someone’s desk during a work in progress. And I love being under piles and piles of junk on my own desk too! 🙂

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