A Ghoulie Get Together.

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Above is a slide show of some of the Artist Trading Cards I created for a session being held at Kathy Davis Studios. For those unfamiliar with Artist Trading Cards (ATC) they are 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch artworks that folks make and trade with one another. They utilize the popular baseball and gaming card size and started as mailable art before sessions were created. I use ATC in the classroom all the time. I find that my students, especially the younger ones, are more apt to talk about their art one on one rather than in a formal critique. We exchange ideas, techniques and sarcastic quips while drawing and making cards. I will be hosting a similar event at the Free Library of Philadelphia in March and will be sure to post the details as the date approaches.
The cards above were created with markers, brush pen, color pencils ball point and white-out pens. I like to use ATC events to work on some character designs. Many of my comic characters started as artist trading cards.

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