Letters for a Vice President…

I was recently asked to do a commission for the vice president of Kathy Davis Studios, a local greeting card company here in PA. Kathy Davis and the studio are part of my art family, I have known them for more than five years now and absolutely love the artwork that they create. Keep in mind that I am completely biased since Melissa (my partner for life) is a proud member of the Kathy Davis gang. So I was absolutely honored when asked to create two pieces that would adorn vice president, Peter Walts’, office walls.
The springboard for the pieces was an installation at Shadow’s Space gallery for the World’s Fair Art Show. I used letter forms as the framework for images, the letters spelled out “World’s Fair”. Peter asked if I would be willing to create his initials for his new office and all that I asked was that he tell me some of his hobbies, interests and so on. I wanted to include them in the works to make the art more personal and specific to Peter.
I was really happy with the final pieces and I am happy to report that Peter was as well.Kathy Davis Studio hosts a number of gallery events featuring their extremely talented stable of artists. You can read about them here at the Kathy Davis Studio blog.

Photo: The pieces on display in the office of Peter Walts. Thanks for the pic Peter!
Below: Details of the two letter forms in pen and ink on bristol board.

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