Look Ma I’m on the T.V.

While working at Teddy Scares we shot this video to promote the Teddy Scares comic published by Ape Entertainment. It was a blast to work on and I am very proud the work Tim Durning and I did on the book. Our story is due out later this year and as soon as I get a release date I will be sure to put it up here on the blog. In the meantime enjoy the video.
Above: A promotional poster that Tim and I worked on for Teddy Scares featuring the character Mundy Drudge. Man I love Tim’s colors!
Below: The Youtube video of yours truly inking a page for the Teddy Scares comic. Special thanks to Tim Durning for editing the video and adding the music, Tenacious D makes everything better! (Except watching the video click on the link below to watch.)

2 thoughts on “Look Ma I’m on the T.V.

  1. I use a bunch of different ball points. But there is one that I that I buy in bulk . I use the Pilot BP-S Fine for the majority of the inking, I buy those by the 12 pack. Thanks for checking in man, Lineage is looking great!

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