Winter is here to stay.

Here in Philly we have been hit with our third snow storm of the season. I imagine that I was not the only on with “snow day” on the mind. I am willing to bet good money that there was an internal chant heard around the tri-state area of students young and old wishing for a few more inches of powder. As I return to school from winter break I wonder how Santa might spend his leisure with his busiest days behind him. I remembered designing this greeting card for one of my favorite clients. I enjoyed going through the process on the last design so I am writing a similar post to accompany these images.

Here’s hoping you are making the most of your winter!

Thumbnail sketches pictured above: I always start with thumbnail sketches. I am often asked to design entire card lines so I will spend some time planning out many of my cards in really rough sketches. This allows me to see the cards before I proceed to finish. The idea is that a line of greeting cards needs to work together at the same time they need to be strong designs on their own.

Finished Sketch: I will complete a finished tonal sketch in order to see the design start to take shape. I always try to incorporate the caption/lettering in the initial sketches, it is really not a complete greeting card design without the type placement.

Color Comp: Again, since these cards are often part of a series or line of cards I need to make sure that some of the palettes are pre-planned so as to not compete with one another. They are meant to work together. Also, I want to have all the colors roughed in so I can enjoy the painting without questioning what color comes next.

Finished Design: The finished painting took about six to eight hours. The majority of the painting was completed in a class I teach at the University of the Arts. Whenever possible I try to bring in jobs to work on with my class as they complete their assignments.

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