PCS Xmas Party.

You can feel free to judge me by the company that I keep. I have been a member of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society for almost a decade and I dare you to find a nicer group of people to hang with. Our gatherings remind me of the time of Vikings (sans the pillaging of course) where warriors gathered and struck deals over pints of mead. Only difference being is we carry microns instead of broadswords and our drink of choice is Pabst Blue Ribbon. But the metaphor is an adequate one; we plan shows, discuss publishing, share ideas, strike deals and make with the merry.

On that note we always celebrate the holidays together, whether it is at Bob and Barbara’s Lounge or the Kilpatrick abode. This year we have upped the ante. We wanted to extend an invite to pretty much the city of Philadelphia to out annual holiday shindig. Tomorrow afternoon Shadow’s Space Gallery will play proud host to the PCS Xmas Party. There will be caroling, art (you can see some here), a ton of local cartoonists and the making of all things merry. So grab the misses and come on out. Our events are always a lot of fun and a great way to mingle with fellow creative-type-peeps. The invite for the festivities is featured above, the party starts at 5pm. Hope to see you there, Viking helmet optional.

Above: The invite to the PCS Xmas Party designed by founding member Jeffro Kilpatrick.
It features the group’s unofficial mascot Petey.

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