Art of Healing Part 3

The opening for the show was really something special. It was extremely uplifting to see so many students getting involved. I was especially proud to see two of my former students, Bryan Flanagan and Taralyn Jaiyeola participating in the event.
The seed for this exhibition was planted by University of the Arts Animation senior Helen Wallace who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer this past summer. You can read a bit more about it here. Her ability to focus on her creative abilities to combat this disease is a true inspiration. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart, she’s tough as nails and I know she’s gonna kick cancer’s ass!

As part of the exhibition’s goal to raise awareness I was interviewed by KYW 1060 right before the event. You can see the transcript from the interview on KYW’s site here.

The portion of the exhibition located in Gallery One will be on display until November 24th and the art on display in the school’s Presidenital Office will be hanging until December 16th. If you should be in the vicinity of University of the Arts, its worth checking out.

Thanks again to every involved and a special thanks to Helen Wallace.

Image above: I was honored to see my artwork on the postcard to promote the event.


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