Happy Day.

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I am in the process of dashing off to put the finishing touches on an exhibition that has been more than six months in the making. I am talking about the World’s Fair Art Show that will open this evening.

My good friend Concetta and I have been gathering talent, finding locations, organizing PR. You would think we were putting together our first feature film. If that were the case then this evening is the premiere. To say I am a bit nervous, is an understatement, to say that I am out-of-mind-excited, would also be an understatement.

We have been hanging and prepping the show for the last three evenings, each time more impressed with the quality of work on display. And feeling really, really fortunate for having such creative, amazing friends, as anyone can see by the little taste atop this blog. The slideshow playing at the top is only a small sample of the artwork from the show, there are more than 120 pieces on exhibit, covering the themes of fashion, culture, innovation, and so on.
It is quite breathe taking.

On Wednesday evening, in route to the gallery, Concetta and I came to the realization that none of this would have happened without our good friend Megan. I would have never had the pleasure of meeting Concetta if not for Megan. We lost Megan a few years back and it is heartbreaking sometimes to think about her. But Concetta and I both laughed at the fact that if she were here right now she would be:
1.) Running around to get post-its.
2.) Extremely proud of everyone’s hard work.
If you are able to make it out tonight the info for the opening is posted here.
Please come on up and shake my hand, I’ll be the guy smiling ear to ear.
See you tonight!

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