Let the Month of Halloween Begin!

What a great way to start October. Here in Philly it’s dark and stormy, perfect to set the mood for my favorite holiday; Halloween! I decided to do several posts regarding this time of year, this first one is about Teddy Scares!

Over the last couple of years I have had an amazing working relationship with Applehead Factory, creators of the Teddy Scares. Phil and Joe are great guys, fun to work with, extremely creative and open to new ideas. Together we have taken these wonderful toys in new directions with apparel, art shows, comics, even animation. Joe and I have done several comic panel discussions with the goal of informing other artists how they can see their sketches transform into toys, exactly what Joe has done with the Teddy Scares.

Personally, through my relationship with Applehead I have had the opportunity to see several creative dreams come true; designing toys, working in comics and making several pitches for animated shows.
Above: Rita Mortis  and Edwin Morose shirt designs. I created the paintings; the Applehead design crew put together the shirt graphics. The models happen to be Philly Roller Girls.
Below: A gallery featuring some of the projects I have worked on with the Teddy Scares gang.
(Just click image for a larger view)

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