Lecture on Sketchbooks at the ESL Institute.

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Recently, I was asked to lecture on keeping a sketchbook at ESLI, a part of the University of the Arts that helps their international students increase their proficiency in English. I was really amazed at the level of students’ interest. They are given a semester-long assignment to keep a visual journal or sketchbook. I was brought in to discuss how important my sketchbooks have been to me as both an artist and a cancer survivor. They asked a lot of really good questions and were really engaged in the process of how I create some of my sketchbook pieces. As a result I added a portion to my lecture to act as a step-by-step guide, it is pictured above.
A special thanks to everyone at ESLI, I had a wonderful time!


3 thoughts on “Lecture on Sketchbooks at the ESL Institute.

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  2. Dude! You has website! It looks really great. Finally, you have a web presence 🙂

    Bookmarking you.

    Also, your sketchbooks are so amazing. Each page is a great new batch of eye candy. Really inspiring works of art.

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