What I do…Comics.

Every since I was little I have loved comic books. I remember saving up my dough each week and walking eight blocks to the Seven-Eleven to see what titles they had on the racks. I’ve worked on some mainstream stuff with my association with Teddy Scares and Ape Entertainment. But most of my comics are more personal, so I self-publish, quite often with the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. We are finishing up our third anthology of local comics as we speak. Many of my stories revolve around tales from my childhood and growing up in the city of neighborhoods; Philadelphia.

Lately, I have been asked to design some greeting cards that utilize the sequential format.
Those have been a lot of fun to design.

Below are some examples of my sequential work.
(click on images to view in a separate window.)

I have been drawing the “Patchkey Kids” (pictured above) for almost a decade. They made one of their very first appearances in the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society’s Comics and Cartooning Anthology. Two pages from that story “Big Jim’s Malt Shop” are featured below.

Below is a greeting card designed in a sequential format. The inspiration came from my love of Highlights Magazine.

I have worked with Teddy Scares for about five years helping to develop toy lines, apparel and their graphic novels. Below is an excerpt from the very first Teddy Scares comic story ever to see print, “My Axe Girlfriend”. We did the entire 8 page mini-comic (pencils, inks, colors and lettering) in just under a week in order to debut it at San Diego Comic-Con.

I just wrapped up working on a brand new story for the Teddy Scares graphic novels with artist and friend Tim Durning. Keep your eyes peeled for posts featuring the artwork from our story and our special edition cover as the release date draws closer.

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