What I do…

I figured I would make my first couple of posts on the topic of “What I Do.”
The first is on the topic is Greeting Cards. I have been designing and illustrating greeting cards for more than a decade. I think I have worked on something like 400 card designs. It’s a lot of fun. I work as a studio and offer my clients multiple styles and looks, that way I am able design entire card lines. Also, I was employed as an in-house designer and later as an art director so I am familiar with all the different processes and finishing techniques associated with the greeting card industry.
Mostly, I design for the winter holidays but sometimes I get to create artwork for other occasions.

Here are a few of my designs.

The image above is a personal favorite. It started with a bunch of my cartoonist buddies (Bob, Jeffro and Kyle) sitting around drawing at my kitchen table. I finished it up and sent it to one of my clients and they loved it. It turned out to be one of their best-sellers for a while. For me it was about hanging out and drawing with my pals.

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